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Discover all our used and new mixers.
In this section you can find all the technical data sheets with photos and specific features, in order to give you the real availability and the exact conditions of each plant.

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  • N1 mixer A V capacity of 10 liters stainless steel for laboratory
  • Powder mixer – 200 liters
    SKU: MIX7995
  • Complete powder mixer – 300 liters
    SKU: MIX7983
  • Nuovaguseo powder blender – 150 liters
    SKU: MIX7978
  • Triblender mixer
    SKU: ME7907
  • ST300 powder mixer – 300 liters
    SKU: MIX7705
  • Novinox powder mixer – 300 litres
    SKU: MIX7587
  • Viani 4-way mixer – 300 litres
    SKU: MIX7576
  • Hunting powder mixer – 800 liters
    SKU: MIX7355
  • 4-way mixer in 316 stainless steel NEW
    SKU: MIX6286
  • Powders Mixer Viani 250 liters
    SKU: MIX982